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 Curtain cleaning

Curtains are another part of every house that add meaning to the living environment plus maintaining a beautiful appearance.

The role of curtain is psychologically significant because it functions like a castle gate keeping your space private.

Vip carpet cleaning London is honored to bring hygiene to your curtains using safe methods of handling and re-hanging.

Curtains will be clean and free from bacteria, germs, dust, dirt, spots, etc.

Vip Carpet Cleaning  are more than just carpet cleaning.

You can trust us to skilfully clean and restore your drapes and curtains with our safe and thorough cleaning methods.

There is no need to take them down and rehang them as we do them onsite saving you valuable time whilst protecting your privacy.

We pride ourselves in working to the highest Industry Standards.

Our powerful equipment and safe chemicals will give you the deepest clean. We use environmentally safe and green chemicals wherever possible. You have the choice of either dry clean or steam clean.

Your drapes and curtains will feel softer and smell fresher and you will appreciate a healthier result for you and your family.

Our team is skilled in working with numerous  types of curtains from home ones to office or even theatrical ones. The result is clean curtains without discoloration or shrinkage and no damage will be done to its posture while hanging.

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