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Stain Protection

Stain protection and removal

Every carpet producing company applies certain stain-protection policies to extend the lifetime of their carpets to attract more customers. However, customers remove the protecting layers by vacuuming over time. This leaves the texture vulnerable to gather dust and absorb satin.

At vip carpet cleaning London we use intricate methods of stain protection and removal making sure no harm is done to the texture of your carpet. Thus, extending the life of your carpet to help you save money instead of buying a new carpet that might not look and feel the same way as the previous one.

The treatment we use contains substances that encompasses a whole range of upholstery, carpet, rug, curtains, etc. whether they are new or used.

The method involves creating an invisible cover on the carpet to shield it from staining agents. This helps us remove the stains easily with special sprays after the carpet was equipped with protective layer. The process usually takes up to three hours to complete.

Next, the carpet is touched to check if it’s dry. Now that the anti-stain film is working it prevents dirt from deep-seating into the carpet. This type of protection functions much like a nanotechnology produced fabric resisting spillage from descending into the pile and enables us to remove it effectively.

Stain Protection

The advantages of carpet stain protection

It prevents liquid spills, dust and stains from absorption into the fabrics.

It provides an invisible shield to your carpet against accidental liquid spills and pet secretions.

It enlivens the texture and appearance of carpets that were previously treated.

It guards your investment you made on carpet you are emotionally attached.

Completely environmentally-friendly

Contact vip Carpet cleaning today to ask about the profits of our professional stain protection service and to book a consultation with one of our experts.

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