To focus on your profession, you need to leave that carpet cleaning to professional hands like ours. For commercial carpet cleaning that stands out and brings satisfaction, VIP Carpet Cleaning London is your go-to company.
A perfect combination of carefully selected cleaning products and machines, timely service, expert knowledge of commercial carpet cleaning, professionalism, and affordability keeps us top of mind for every client that has used our services.

The hustle and bustle of office activities leave so much mess on the carpet. From coffee spills, dust, and dirt from shoes to oil smears and mites, the entire office carpet is usually saturated with filth. At the end of the day, someone has to clean up all the rubbish. We are the people that will turn the carpet inside out until every inch of debris is eliminated. For carpet cleaning in London offices, VIP Carpet Cleaning London is your go-to!


To get those offensive materials off your carpet, including mite, dust, dirt and various allergens, we steam clean commercial carpets professionally using the right machines and cleaning products at all time.


Foot traffic isn’t the same in every area of the carpet. This means some carpet areas will carry more dirt than others. But no matter which area is severely dirty, our cleaning will spruce up that carpet and leave it spotlessly clean.

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Commercial / Office Carpet Cleaning


Backed up by mostly positive reviews, new clients find it easy to rely on us for one of the best commercial carpet cleanings. The following organisations can contact us for our

  • Schools
  • Massage therapy and physiotherapy centres
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Fitness centres
  • Medical clinics
  • Indoor amusement parks
  • Office towers
  • Government buildings



Our quote is non-obligatory, free, and delivered in person. Contacting us is easy, and our social media handles, email, and phone lines can be used.


We cover all London areas and are punctual to every cleaning appointment. If you are not satisfied with our previous cleaning, we can re-clean at no cost for you – an in-person discussion with you can get this done.


Customer satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priority. Based on this, we offer exceptional cleaning for office carpets.


Stained carpets and upholstery do not need to be replaced. Just give us a call at VIP Carpet Cleaning London and leave the rest for us. You will get money-value on our services.


For End of Tenancy Cleaning in London, we are your go-to. You won’t recognise your carpet anymore after we’re done.

We offer carpet cleaning services to both domestic and commercial clients.

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Commercial / Office Carpet Cleaning


We offer customised commercial cleaning for SMEs that need them from time to time. Do you know that the way your premises look matters to customers? That’s where we come in. Our cleaning is thorough for all kinds of business settings, including fashion stores, grocery stores, and restaurants.
Do you love a clean working environment? Then, give us a call at VIP Carpet Cleaning London.


A cleaning routine that meets your needs is what we bring. Due to the years of experience, our commercial cleaners have, we dare to say that any carpet we clean comes back to life.

Our cleaners can do a seamless job from a well-rehearsed routine with an eye on your needs, regardless of how much traffic your business is experiencing.

We know the importance of continuous professional development, which is why we’re constantly adapting to the latest technologies and requirements. When it comes to speed, efficiency, and organisation, you are in for a thrill at VIP Carpet Cleaning London. Why not schedule an appointment with us to see what we are talking about? It will be worth your time and money!


Wherever there is increased foot traffic, the carpet will undoubtedly hold so much debris. So, those carpets running along the hallway and corridor, laid in meeting and office rooms, house many bacteria and dust. Undoubtedly, this will impact your working environment. Waiting until complaints start coming from customers before contacting us will not be a good idea.

Steam carpet cleaning is what we do to beat out the dirt of every kind. The prominent people in the carpet industry recognise this technique as very effective, fuss-free, and toxic-free. We are saying that this method will take out a whopping 90 per cent of office dirt – you know what this means for your health and that of your customers. It even goes beyond that to create the best working environment mentally and psychologically.

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Commercial / Office Carpet Cleaning


Now that you know where to get an excellent carpet cleaning, it would make sense to give us a call. At VIP Carpet Cleaning, we’re all about carpet cleaning – the type that keeps you satisfied and happy. We’d love to hear from you soon.