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Jet Washing in London

The outdoor area such as the patio or the paving can get dirty and filled with moss, weed, grime or even mud. If such areas are not cleaned, the dirt and grime on them can find their way into the house.

Jet washing is a cleaning method that removes the dirt, grime and weed found on the patio areas. It is a very effective cleaning method and should be done by someone who is experienced in cleaning.

Vip Carpet Cleaning London is one of the best professional cleaning companies in North London. We handle the cleaning of not just carpets but also household upholstery such as rugs, curtains and sofa cleaning. Get in touch with us today if you require our services. We also carry out jet washing of your patio, outdoor paving and decking areas. Contact us today.


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Pressure Jet Washing  – Vip Carpet Cleaning London

Jet Washing Services in London

You do not have to wait for your patio or outdoor area to be filled with green moss, weed or dirt before you get them cleaned. When the patio or patio area is completely covered with dirt, it will not only look unclean or dirty, but the area will become slippery. This is potentially dangerous if you have children living around. To avoid accidents that can happen due to this, we recommend that you use a professional cleaning company as soon as you notice your patio changing colour to green or as soon as it becomes muddy.

At Vip Carpet Cleaning London, below is a shortlist of places with surfaces we can jet wash;

  • Patios that are made of sandstone, bluestone or limestone
  • Garden paths that are made of stone, terracotta, bricks, granite or marble
  • Paved areas
  • Garden furniture
  • Balconies that have drainage
  • Fences that are up to 2 metres in height
  • Wooden and composite deckings
Patio Jet Pressure Jet Washing  – Vip Carpet Cleaning London

How we carry out the patio cleaning service

Before we begin work, we would require access to water and electricity to make our work easier. We carry out the cleaning process in the following ways;

  • We would first meet at your property, so you would show us the areas that should be pressure washed
  • The area is then measured, and the quote handed over to the owner before cleaning begins
  • Equipment is unloaded and prepared. An essential tool for this process is the pressure washing machine using water and electricity to ensure that the machine gets proper access to these. If there is no water source in the garden, a fitting will have to be attached to the equipment and connected to another close water source.
  • Another team member can clear the area from any dried leaves and twigs as one person is preparing the jet washing equipment. After clearing out the area, the cleaners can commence with the cleaning and washing process.


Feel free to contact Vip Carpet Cleaning London now for your commercial or domestic Jet washing & cleaning in London. Book Now Get a Quote

Frequently asked questions about jet washing

No detergents or chemicals are used during jet washing. The cleaning is only carried out with pure, clean water ejected or sprayed to the patio area under high pressure. This aims to remove any greenery around the patio and further protect the area from weeds.

Yes, it does. However, you should know that the power washing methods will not remove oil stains from vehicles.

Any water source will do as long as it is a clean water source. The cleaning specialists always carry their nozzles of different types, so you have nothing to worry about.

If you need a professional cleaning company’s expert services in London, you should contact us at Vip Carpet Cleaning London. We carry out professional cleaning of all kinds of carpets, rugs, sofa and upholstery in private homes and commercial areas at affordable charges. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call or sending us an email. We are always ready to help.