Mattress Cleaning in London

Germs, bacteria, dust and organisms like mites always find their way into our mattress. The fact that we cover the mattress with a bed sheet doesn’t guarantee hygiene and safety. Do you know that your mattress is a suitable spot for bacteria and germs to hide? This is because of its hotness, humidity, and nightly collection of germs during sleep. Again, our beds contain so much sweat, body fluids and other microbes.

You may have been cleaning your mattress these days but may not be doing it right. An expert mattress cleaning from VIP Carpet Cleaning London is what you need right now to make that mattress germ-free and hygienic.

The expert mattress cleaning

Allergens resulting from stains caused by mites on our mattress are not good. So, for professional cleaning, we use innovative technology to eliminate bed bugs, mites and other allergens that aren’t healthy for a mattress.

Are you considering returning a warranty-covered faulty mattress or need a stain removal service to make it look brighter? Our cleaning experts provide meticulous mattress cleaning by utilising industry-leading cleaning techniques to tackle spots, stains and unwanted microbes on the mattress. You can hire us for a routine cleaning that’ll make your mattress breathable, free from foul smells, infection-free, and without blemish.

Cleaning that stands out

Our services are vast, covering domestic and commercial needs, and we’re reputable. With our team of well-trained bed and mattress technicians, all that stain and unpleasant smells are removed from your mattress at a touch.

The kind of vacuuming we do takes out dust and leaves no after-effects. Our choice of cleaning chemicals are bio-friendly and won’t hurt your mattress at all. The price for this excellent service is affordable.

Getting your mattress free from urine

It’s typical of children to wet their mattress with urine. And to clean urine, you need to get it done the right way; else, it’s going to be a whole mess. Even if the spot clears, the smell of urine doesn’t fade easily off a mattress. Your DIY procedure may not suffice, so a professional clean is what you need.

Applying an effective steam cleaning solution will get that urine smell and stain off your mattress. Again, it restores the hygiene of the mattress as every possible infection from the urine is removed.

Up-to-down, safe cleaning

If you are allergic to dust mite, be aware that these microbes are there in pillows, sheets, plush toys and carpets. So, we don’t only clean mattress; we also steam clean carpets. Do well to get your sheets washed a minimum of one time a week. Dust mites thrive in a hot environment. So, lower the humidity in your home – keep it under 50 per cent.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are our choice for cleaning. They’re functional in eliminating parasites, plus your health isn’t in danger. This means our cleaning process is harm-free, leaving your mattress deodorised and sparkling clean.

How we clean mattress at VIP Carpet Cleaning London

  • Our experts will first check out the stains and odour on your mattress. Common sources of stain include oil, sweat, blood or urine. Using cleaners, these stains are wiped off in a matter of minutes, giving you a spot-free mattress.
  • With a vacuum cleaner, every inch of dirt from the mattress surface is cleared out. Note that our machine is gentle with your mattress while removing the unwanted particles.
  • When the vacuuming is completed, a cleaning agent that eliminates mites, bacteria and other allergens is applied to the mattress to sanitise it.
  • Expect the bed to be wet from the spray. So, it’s allowed to dry for a couple of minutes, during which the chemical dissolves.
  • Steam cleaning comes last. We use hot steam to loosen up dirt and contaminants hiding in the mattress.

Our cleaning is inspected to be sure it is thorough. Any residue left behind after the cleaning is removed. We are particular about your mattress looking clean again.

When should you call?

If your mattress is looking old from stains, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Many persons wait until the mattress is looking terrible before calling, while some people proceed to get a new mattress rather than clean dirty ones.

Get your free quote

After analysing the mattress condition, we estimate the cleaning cost. The number of bed spaces to be cleaned determines what we charge. You can give us a call to get a free quote. Would you like to discuss our terms of service? We’re ready to do so. Call us for an appointment today.