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Vip Carpet Cleaning London is a reputable carpet cleaning company in London offering commercial carpet cleaning and residential carpet cleaning services within London and its environs. Our carpet cleaners are always available, including on weekends and bank holidays, to clean your carpets properly and ensure your home & office remains clean.

We offer all types of carpet cleaning and other cleaning services such as upholstery cleaning, leather conditioning and stain removal. Our cleaning services are exceptional, and our expert cleaners have several years of experience in the industry.

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We offer several commercial and residential cleaning services in London, includes the following:

Why choose Vip Carpet Cleaning London

There are several reasons why Vip Carpet Cleaning London should be your first choice for your carpet cleaning and other cleaning services.
Some of these reasons include:

Top Quality Services – Vip Carpet Cleaning


We offer top-notch cleaning services, and our professionals will always work with you to provide excellent services when you contact us.

Affordable Prices – Vip Carpet Cleaning

Affordable prices

Our carpet cleaning rates are affordable for the quality of services we offer. There are no bait prices, and you will get a comprehensive quote with the exact cost of your carpet cleaning.

Complete Support

Complete support

Our lines are available all day, and you can also send us an email for a quote. Our well-trained customer service representatives are also available to attend to all your concerns and queries.

Guaranteed Result

Guaranteed result

At Vip Carpet Cleaning London, we are proud of the quality of our services, and we guarantee an excellent result for all our services. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of our service, we will re-do the work.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in London

We are expert carpet cleaners in London and do our best to ensure you get your desired result. If you have a valid complaint after acarpet cleaning, we will re-clean your carpet at no extra cost. Our cleaning experts use advanced steam cleaning equipment, including Prochem and Karcher.

These cleaning equipment are unarguably the best for carpet cleaning services. Besides the advanced cleaning equipment, our cleaners work with the most recommended carpet cleaning methods, hot water extraction, and low moisture cleaning to ensure you get excellent and instant results.

Our carpet cleaning process

When you contact us for your carpet cleaning, we will visit your property to assess the carpet's fabric and check for heavy soiling and stains. These assessments will help the cleaning expert determine the best method for your carpet cleaning.

If your carpet has stains or heavy soiling, the expert will pre-treat these areas with special carpet cleaning solutions. After the pre-treatment, the cleaning professional will steam and dry clean your carpet.

Our professional carpet cleaners will wear protective overshoes during the cleaning and put special pads under your furniture during the cleaning process.

Our carpet cleaning methods


Low moisture/dry carpet cleaning


Hot water extraction/steam carpet cleaning


Deep cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Prices in London

Our carpet cleaning services are affordable, but the exact cost of your carpet cleaning would depend on the cleaning method suitable for your carpet.

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Scotchgard stain

Scotchgard stain protection is an effective way of preventing a carpet from accumulating stains and dirt. It involves applying a thin protective layer that eliminates the wear and tear of the carpet, leaving the carpet material untouched. You can use Scotchgard stain protection for delicate carpet material like silk and wool. It also prevents soiling and does not damage the carpet fabric.

Carpet cleaning in London just got better with Vip Carpet Cleaning London. Call us now on 020 8050 3535 or email us at info@vipcarpetcleaninglondon.co.uk to assess our excellent carpet cleaning services.

Procedures We Use to Clean Carpets

We provide the following expert carpet cleaning facilities

Deep-cleaning techniques for carpet

It's critical to understand how each cleaning service operates:

  • You have an estimate for the required service for carpet cleaning.
  • The equipment and chemicals for cleaning services are carried by the carpet cleaner.
  • He will examine the item and select the best cleaning method.
  • The technician pre-treats the material and hovers it.
  • Dry cleaning with hot water extraction is done based on the type of fabrics you choose.
  • Your floor covering will be washed, followed by drying time.

Hot Water Removal

The most reasonably priced and efficient in the carpet cleaning industry is Hot Water Removal. Steam cleaning is also mistaken for it; however, steam is not involved. As an alternative, this straightforward procedure thoroughly cleans the rug.

  • A hot water mixture would be applied at high pressure due to a brush or cleaning product. This first step would remove any dirt or unwelcome substances that have been buried in the carpet for a long time.
  • After most of the unwanted substances have been broke down a potent vacuum cleaner will pull out all of the hot water and dirty liquid out. After, the carpet would be left to dry.

Dry Carpet Clean-up

Dry carpet cleaning is another efficient process which only consists of 2 steps. It is preferred more compared to hot water extraction; however, it provides similar results.

  • Our machine is used to scatter a specific cleaning agent solution over the fibre. During 40 minutes, it will disintegrate along with the dirt.
  • After the first step has come to an end, to refresh the carpet, we'll utilise a vertical vacuum cleaner to remove the cleaning agent's dirt.

Scotchgard stain shield

An efficient technique to protect your carpet from stains and accidental dyes is Scotchgard. This procedure consists of a thin layer of it applied to completley protect the material from wear and tear as well as dirt and stains. The Scotchgard stain protector:

  • Is used on sensitive materials like silk, wool, etc.
  • Does not damage the initial condition of the fabric.
  • Helps to prevent the material from soiling.

Carpet Cleaning Hints and Tips

To ensure a cleaner and more precise cleaning right at home, if something spills on your carpet take swift action and follow the steps below. Accidents are inevitable. You'll need the four basic solutions described below, as well as a white, clean absorbent cloth or tissue. Test all solutions in a small patch or a discrete area of the carpet before using them on your carpet to ensure that it is colorfast and safe to clean.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Alternatives and Mixtures

  • Detergent Solution – 1 tsp of gentle cleanser for washing wools to 300 ml of warm water.
  • Detergent and Vinegar Solution – 1 tbsp of white (not malt) vinegar to the detergent solution.
  • Ammonia Solution – 1 tsp of branded household ammonia (available from hardware stores), to one cup of warm water.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ’s

Only when excessive heat or cleaning agents are used when washing carpets will they cause them to shrink. We utilise a low moisture approach at VIP Carpet Cleaning that entirely avoids the possibility of shrinkage.

The average carpet would take around one hour to dry due to the dual vacuum structure on our appliances. However, if certain spots of the carpet have been more deeply cleansed with water, naturally it would take longer.

Air pockets beneath the carpet cause black filtration marks or soiling. The skirting boards are impacted, and then fine dirt and soot are forced forth and rise. Vacuuming does not eliminate all of the soiling because it is fine and embedded deeply within the carpet. Generally speaking, our deep cleaning technique may get rid of these stains or significantly downgrade the appearance.

Sadly, we are unable to promise that all stains will be entirely removed. Because of our procedures and the specialised cleaning supplies we employ, we get favourable results in the majority of cases. Occasionally stains will not be entirely removed. This is due to the stain being in the fabric for a very long period or, more frequently, because the client tried to remove the stain themselves using at home methods and approaches. This may also seal in the stain and change the colour of the carpet or furniture.

We are covered by public liability insurance in case any harm arises while we are working on your property. Nevertheless, we constantly take care and attention when working to prevent damage.

To increase the lifespan of costly investments like carpets, couches, and drapes, we advise routine carpet and upholstery cleaning. As a general guideline, professional cleaning should be done once every 12 months. But, if you have children, pets, or a lot of traffic in your house or place of business, regular cleaning should be done every six months.

Occasionally, you could notice small stains or traffic areas that soon reappear once the carpet dries, but you shouldn't be concerned at all. As we fully guarantee our service, we will get in touch with you to offer another chance.

Drying durations vary by fabric because different textiles have different levels of absorbency. The majority of materials dry completely in 8 to 10 hours, while certain cotton upholstery may take up to 24 hours. The amount of filth on the cloth before cleaning has an impact on how long it takes to dry. A heavily soiled sofa will require a deeper clean and hence more drying time.

We apply an anti-microbial solution to remove any bacterial deposits from the surface fouling as well as the stain, odour, and discoloration. Most of the time, our urine cleaning technique fully removes all traces of the stain and odour.

We are a compliant company, you could pay us through bank transfer, cash, over the phone or even PayPal.

Yes, a receipt would be provided after the payment is completed.

It would be greatly appreciated if you remove minor, fragile objects. If items are very heavy we can commonly move furniture ourselves to clean.