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Do you need a professional cleaning company in London you can trust for your rug cleaning ? Contact Vip Carpet Cleaning London today. At Vip Carpet Cleaning London, we provide different cleaning solutions for rugs to ensure your rug looks beautiful again. 

Our expert rug cleaners use steam treatments and Dry cleaning company in London for every rug fabric and type. Our rug cleaning services are available for home and commercial rugs. Feel free to reach us if you want your rug cleaned adequately. 

We clean all rug types, including acrylic, fragile traditional rugs knotted with hands, machine and handmade rugs. We also clean rugs from different origins, including South America, Eastern Europe, Azerbaijan, Persia, and Asia. 


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Our highly trained and skilled technicians have years of experience in rug cleaning and can clean your rugs using the best cleaning techniques and methods. Our rug cleaning services are also tailored to suit each client’s needs.

We have experts in stain removal who can remove any stain, whether it has been on the carpet for a long or short while. You can be assured that after our Rug Cleaning Services in London, your rug would be spotless, and you’d get excellent services at an affordable cost.

We offer a guarantee on all our services, so if you are not satisfied with the result of our rug cleaning, we will re-clean the rug at no extra cost. 

Our Rug Cleaning Service – Vip Carpet Cleaning

Our rug cleaning service in london

To assess our exceptional rug cleaning service, call us or send an email to book an appointment. Our rug cleaning specialist will visit your property to carry out your rug cleaning at the agreed time.

The specialist will inspect your rug and its fabric. If necessary, the cleaning specialist will carry out an identity test on the rug and measure the fabric’s pH to know the right chemical to use for the cleaning.

After these tests, our technician will check for damages, scuffs, and stains on your carpet, including its colour fastness (colour bleeding). The outcome of these checks will determine the best cleaning method for your rug.

Common rug cleaning methods include:

  • Dry Cleaning Company in London
  • Deep steam cleaning/hot water extraction
  • Foam Cleaning Services
  • Coldwater extraction cleaning

Dry cleaning

This is the oldest rug cleaning method, but it’s not a very hygienic method. However, Dry Cleaning Company in London is suitable for all types of carpet and compulsory for some types of rug materials like viscose, plant-based, sisal, coir, some silk variant, pulp-based, and jute rugs.

Some of the rugs above only require Dry Cleaning Company in London because they absorb liquid, which causes permanent damage. This makes Dry Cleaning Company in London compounds and powders best for these types of rugs.

If your carpet is made from any of the materials above, our technician will inform you before using only the Dry Cleaning Company in London method. The technician will also try to remove stains on the rug as Dry Cleaning Company in London cannot remove all types of rug stains. 

If your rug does not have stains and you want it clean regardless of potential damages, the technician will apply the cleaning powder to the rug to absorb dirt, bacteria and allergens. 

Deep steam cleaning/hot water extraction

This rug cleaning method is regarded as the most effective carpet cleaning method. It involves the technician boiling water in the cleaning equipment’s tank with chemicals. The technician will inject the water and chemicals into the rug, then vacuum the rug to remove the chemicals, dirt, allergen, bacteria and water. 

During the deep cleaning, the cleaning professional will use a wand attached to the steam and vacuum to clean your rug. Hot water extraction cleaning is suitable for cotton rugs and those made with synthetic fibre.


Foam cleaning

Silk, velour, velvet, rayon and some rug fibres need special cleaning. Using liquid to clean these rugs can damage them, so the foam method is a better cleaning option. The chemicals used in FOAM CLEANING SERVICES easily turn to foam after application on the rug. The chemicals can remove bacteria, dirt and allergen on a rug – the cleaning technician will extract the chemicals after a short while.

Foam Cleaning Services is a new rug cleaning method and takes a lot of time, so it’s best for the technician to examine the rug properly before using the Foam Cleaning Services method.

Coldwater extraction cleaning for wool rug

Rugs made with mixed fibres, wool, and linen have been cleaned either Dry Cleaning or cold water extraction. However, cold water extraction cleaning is more effective in removing stubborn spots and stains. 

Coldwater extraction rug cleaning involves using at most 30 degrees Celsius water with wool-safe approved chemicals for rug cleaning. The technician will inject the water and chemical into the rug and then vacuum out the solution to remove the rug’s allergen, bacteria, and dirt. Foam Cleaning Services is suitable for removing bacteria and allergens from a rug. 

Knowing the best way to take care of your wool rug lies in understanding that different problems can affect other types of rugs.

Reach out to us today for more details!

Physical damage on wool rugs caused by moth is one of the problems of a wool rug. You have to check for moth damages on your wool rug to determine if it requires repair or cleaning. 

If you notice moth damages on your wool rug, you should have a technician repair it and guide you on preventing the damage from reoccurring.

If you home-dyed your rug, it may have some colours running through the rug’s fabric, so the technician may have to run a colour fastness test before the cleaning.

Why Choose Us for Your Rug Cleaning

Why choose us for your rug cleaning?

Vip Carpet Cleaning London should be your first choice if you want to clean your rug for the following reasons;

  • Our rug cleaning prices are affordable
  • We use only effective cleaning detergents and solution
  • We have well-trained and insured staff
  • We offer exceptional cleaning services and can re-clean your rug at no extra cost
  • Our cleaning experts use industrial cleaning equipment


Feel free to contact Vip Carpet Cleaning London now for your commercial and domestic rug cleaning in London. Book Now Get a Quote
Rug Cleaning Costs – Vip Carpet Cleaning

Our rug cleaning costs

  • Small rugs with a maximum square area of 4 x 6ft cost £45.00
  • Large rugs with a maximum square area of 6 x 8ft cost £55.00

The cost of our rug cleaning services only depends on the size of the rug, so even if your home or office is far from us, we charge the same price. You can also choose where you want your rug cleaning done, whether at our depot or your property. 

Do not hesitate to call Vip Carpet Cleaning London today on 020 8050 3535 for your rug cleaning.