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In offices and homes in London, one of the most ignored pieces when it comes to cleaning is the curtain. Most people leave their curtains unattended for years and do not consider cleaning their curtain as a priority. However, cleaning your curtains regularly is essential, and even if you don’t have the time to clean them, you can get a professional cleaning company to handle your curtain cleaning.

If you’ve decided to clean your curtain and need a professional cleaning company to revive the look of your curtains, contact Vip Carpet Cleaning London.

At Vip Capet Cleaning London, we perform all types of cleaning, including curtains, rugs, carpets and other home furnishings. Our cleaning professionals are leading experts in the industry and can handle your curtain cleaning properly to ensure your home looks clean and attractive.

Our curtain cleaning methods

We usually use any of these two methods for our carpet cleaning;


Wet or steam cleaning

This cleaning method involves using the highest steaming pressure to reach and clean the roots of your curtain fabric. It removes stains on the curtain without damaging the fabric.


Dry cleaning

The dry cleaning method is suitable for cleaning curtains with sensitive fabrics. Although this cleaning method is dangerous, our skilled cleaning experts will carry it out without damaging your curtain fabrics or harming anyone.

Why choose our curtain cleaning services?

Curtain Cleaning Company – Vip Carpet Cleaning London

There are several reasons why we are a reputable cleaning company and should be your preferred option for your curtain cleaning.

  • We have skilled cleaning technicians who can thoroughly clean all curtains and make dull draperies look bright again. Our technicians will always apply a special protector on your curtain to ensure it remains in good condition after the cleaning.
  • We have a customer-friendly pricing system, and we guarantee clean and damage-free curtains.
  • We provide quality cleaning services on your property, so you don’t have to worry about your curtain getting lost or mixed up.
  • Our expert cleaners will apply sprays on your curtain to help treat, control and prevent dust mites on your curtain.
  • We use only high-quality chemicals and detergents for curtain cleaning. This ensures that your curtain is clean and fresh after our cleaning service.
  • We can help keep an eye on your curtain so you know when it needs cleaning.
  • We use the twin-system vacuum cleaning method to ensure excellent results.

Don’t let your curtains accumulate excess dirt before you clean them. Call us now on 020 8050 3535 to have your carpet cleaning properly.


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Curtain cleaning FAQs

The frequency of curtain cleaning depends on where you have the curtains. Curtains in homes, restaurants, nursing homes, banquet halls, hospitals and other sensitive places need cleaning at least once every year. However, the type of curtain would also determine the frequency of cleaning.

You can clean curtains in retirement homes, funeral homes, golf courses, resorts and universities at least once in three years, but theatre or school curtains can be cleaned once in five years. Keep in mind that the more you clean your curtains, the better.

Different curtain types require specific cleaning methods. To know the most suitable cleaning method for your carpet, read the manufacturer’s instruction or contact Vip Carpet Cleaning London.

Curtains and drapes help absorb and filter pollutants, dust, and allergens, so they are suitable for harmful bacteria and dust mites. When bacteria grow on your curtain, they may cause infectious diseases.

When you clean your curtains, you reduce the number of bacteria and dust mites in them – this will help protect your household members and the public from diseases.

You can wash your synthetic curtains in cold water, but using a washing machine may damage them. To remove wrinkles from your curtain, apply a little steam. If you own a curtain with natural fabric like cotton, do not wash them. Washing natural fabric curtains can damage and wrinkle the curtain. Professional cleaning is usually the best for cleaning your natural-fabric curtains.

Washing your silk curtain is not advisable because wetting silk curtains can damage them. It’s best to get a professional cleaner to clean and treat your silk curtain. Our cleaning experts at Vip Carpet Cleaning London can safely clean your silk curtain.

Our cleaning technicians take about three hours to clean drapes and curtains.

No. we don’t. We take down drapes and curtains, so we can remove the dust and clean them properly. Although this takes a lot of time, it leaves you with a better result.

We do not ask the client to take down their curtains as we prefer doing it ourselves, so we know how to replace them.