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End of Tenancy/After Builders Cleaning London

Renovation work is usually exhausting, time-consuming and challenging. Having to clean up after the renovation makes it more stressful and daunting.

After any construction work or renovation, the mess left behind is usually an eyesore and requires both time and a lot of effort to clean up. But contracting an after builders cleaning service can make your property look clean without having to stress yourself.

Additionally, dust from renovation jobs settles into the smallest spaces, which is harmful to your health. Reaching these areas for cleaning by yourself would be difficult. If you decide to clean your property after a renovation, you would also have to deal with paint, plaster, and other construction residues that can damage your vacuum cleaner, causing you more problems.

However, with an end of tenancy/after builders cleaning company, like Vip Carpet Cleaning London, you don’t have to worry about all these. Vip Carpet Cleaning London offers a wide range of cleaning services, including end of tenancy/after builders cleaning services.

We will ensure that your house is not only cleaned and decluttered but also take our time to make sure your property smells and looks good after our cleaning service.


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End of tenancy cleaning checklist

After a renovation or construction work, the dust and debris always reach all corners of the building, so you need a cleaning company offering a comprehensive cleaning package to remove all ugly things on your property.

Our after builders cleaning service usually involves the following;

After our cleaning, the supervisor will use our cleaning checklist to ensure we did not miss any area on this checklist. However, you can personalise the cleaning package, and we also add small details not included above, if required.

Why choose us for your end of tenancy cleaning in London


Specially trained cleaners

Our end of tenancy cleaning professionals have been trained to carry out an extensive cleaning and deal with all issues common with cleaning a house after a construction or renovation. Our professional cleaners understand the importance of quick and efficient cleaning, so we work with this in mind.



We aim to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations, so we always carry out cleaning to suit our customers’ needs, leaving their property clean. We’ve carried out end of tenancy cleaning for several years, and we haven’t gotten a request to re-clean a property. We can pick up your keys from your local agent or any location to take away any stress associated with cleaning your property


High-quality service at affordable prices

We want our customers to be happy after any cleaning, so we use the right cleaning equipment and method to ensure the result is breath-taking. Even with the high-grade equipment we use, our prices are affordable.

End of tenancy cleaning prices

We provide tailor-made end of tenancy cleaning services at a competitive price. There are no hidden or bait prices, and we would send an invoice to you upon request. You can contact us now to get an end of tenancy cleaning price quote to fit your need.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Process – Vip Carpet Cleaning

Our end of tenancy cleaning process

Our end of tenancy cleaning involves three simple processes. They include:

  • Contact us and send details of your property and cleaning service required
  • We will provide you with a quote
  • If the quote is suitable, our cleaning team will arrive at your property to carry out a deep cleaning on the agreed day and time.
Contact Vip Carpet Cleaning London today for your after builders/end of tenancy cleaning, and you would be happy with the result.

Frequently asked questions about our after builders cleaning

Yes, you can. You are free to book our services before the builders finish the renovation or construction work. However, we prefer not to carry out an after builders cleaning while the constriction is ongoing because we can’t guarantee the best possible result if construction is ongoing.

We recommend booking our cleaning services in advance, but the cleaning would be after the builders have completed their work.

Yes, you can, but this may be a challenge – you may not achieve your desired result. This is because, after builders cleaning require special cleaning equipment and technique. The result you will get may not be good, so hiring a professional who specialises in this cleaning will be ideal.

Our cleaners use advanced cleaning equipment and tools to provide a better result, so we advise that you call our end of tenancy cleaning experts.

No, you do not. When you book our after builders cleaning services, we will provide all equipment needed for the cleaning as this is included in the cleaning quote provided before the cleaning service.

The cost of an after builders cleaning usually depends on different things like the size of your home, the amount of construction waste in the property and the package you need. To get the cost of cleaning your property after a renovation or construction, request a personalised quote from us today.