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Hard floor carpet cleaning and polishing in London

At Vip Carpet Cleaning London, we offer hardwood floor cleaning and polishing services for both homes and commercial buildings. We have several years of experience in floor renovations, which has given us an edge in aftercare services such as hard wood floor refreshing, hardwood floors, parquet flooring, and engineered wood floors.


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hardwood Floor Cleaning & Polishing Services – Vip Carpet Cleaning London

Cleaning and polishing Lacquered wooden floors

Varnish-sealed wooden floors can last for several years before requiring sanding. However, this type of flooring requires proper maintenance, periodic cleaning and polishing to ensure the sealant lasts longer. If you do not clean and polish your wooden floor sealant, it will appear dull and worn out within a short period.

Our team of cleaning and polishing experts provides maintenance by buffing varnish-wood floors to remove dirt and other particles. After the buffing, we apply a “Bona Floor Polish” to recoat the varnished timber floor.

Ensure you contact us today to polish your wood floor to protect it and extend its lifespan.

Cleaning, buffing and re-oiling wooden floors

Oil-sealed wooden floors need more maintenance than varnished-sealed wooden floors. Cleaning and re-oiling your wooden floors help to remove any light sign of wear and tear, maintain your floor’s beauty and shine, and cover scratches.

With our wooden floor polishing services, you are sure to have a protected oil floor through extensive cleaning and application of effective and protective products like Osmo Polyx oil and Blanchon Maintenance Oil.


We also carry out hard floor cleaning services for different floor coverings like terrazzo, LVT, vinyl, and linoleum. We carry out this hard floor care using a high-speed rotary machine and a suitable hard floor cleaning solution. This helps to remove all dirt and dust in preparation to apply a protective maintenance coat, which extends the lifespan of your hardwood floor and provides a longer result.

Aside from floor care, we provide professional rug, mattress, upholstery, and carpet cleaning services, using one of the most effective cleaning method – hot water extraction. The hot water extraction cleaning method can remove deep-seated stains, dust and dirt, leaving you with an exceptional cleaning result.


Feel free to contact Vip Carpet Cleaning London now for your hardwood floor or carpet cleaning in London.Book NowGet a Quote


Vip Carpet Cleaning London should be your preferred cleaning company for several reasons. Here are a few;


No hidden prices

Before offering our cleaning service, we inspect your property to know the depth of cleaning required, then provide you with a quote. Our quote contains all we need to carry out an exceptional cleaning and polishing service. There is no hidden or bait process. Whatever we bill is what you pay.


Fully insured

With our professional cleaning services, you are sure to leave your home or office in good and experienced hands for any cleaning, including hard floor cleaning and polishing.


Professional services

Our professional cleaners can deliver an excellent job for wood floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning or hard floor cleaning and polishing.

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