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The hustle and bustle of office activities leave so much mess on the carpet. From coffee spills, dust, and dirt from shoes to oil smears and mites, the entire office carpet is usually saturated with filth. At the end of the day, someone has to clean up all the rubbish. We are the people that will turn the carpet inside out until every inch of debris is eliminated. For carpet cleaning in London offices, Vip Carpet Cleaning London is your go-to!

Leveraging on our high-end modern steam cleaning machines, all that germ, dirt, spot, stains, and dust are taken out, leaving you with a carpet as clean as new.

The office carpet is commonly stained with spills from tea and coffee, and our steam cleaning technique is very functional in getting these stains out. For us, the job is easy as we pre-treat and deep steam the carpet.

Your office will be looking good in no time as our professional cleaning equipment, and mild chemicals are used to work on your rug. Stains caused by mud, spilt wine, stuck chewing gum, and others are not spared either. Applying an excellent deodorising treatment, including shampoo sends them out the door; a fresh-smelling carpet is what you get.

We have cleaners that have been well trained to use and apply chemicals correctly. They are also certified and knowledgeable in industrial cleaning and maintenance. So, why won’t your carpet look good in the hands of our experts? Moving forward, we provide excellent upholstery cleaning to eradicate spots and stains.

Knowing fully well that some persons have allergies, we use chemicals that are entirely safe and friendly to people and the environment.

Rigorous carpet cleaning for offices

Foot traffic isn’t the same in every area of the carpet. This means some carpet areas will carry more dirt than others. But no matter which area is severely dirty, our cleaning will spruce up that carpet and leave it spotlessly clean.

Since it’s an office, we always move furniture out of the way. This gives us enough space to work and clean your carpet. We charge £1.50 to £2.00 per sq.m for office cleaning. It is evident that office activities hold very much during the day. So, our team will come in when it’s convenient to shake up the carpet. This implies that our service is flexible to offer out-of-business hour cleaning for the same fee.

Of course, we can’t clean without the appropriate tools. Our team comes in ready with the required equipment and chemical, and once your office is accessible, cleaning starts. We don’t leave our workspace messed up; we clean it after work. Also, congestion and parking charges are on us. Every chemical we use for cleaning is available for free.


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Our quote is non-obligatory, free, and delivered in person. Contacting us is easy, and our social media handles, email, and phone lines can be used.


We cover all London areas and are punctual to every cleaning appointment. If you are not satisfied with our previous cleaning, we can re-clean at no cost for you – an in-person discussion with you can get this done.


Customer satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priority. Based on this, we offer exceptional cleaning for office carpets.


Stained carpets and upholstery do not need to be replaced. Just give us a call at Vip Carpet Cleaning London and leave the rest for us. You will get money-value on our services.


For End of Tenancy Cleaning in London, we are your go-to. You won’t recognise your carpet anymore after we’re done.

We offer office carpet cleaning services to both small and large sizeoffices.

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Paying for our service is simple as you can do so after our team has completed the job. We aim to give all London offices an exceptional carpet cleaning. We love our job and pay attention to details. Did we talk about our fee? It’s affordable! !


Feel free to contact Vip Carpet Cleaning London now for your office carpet cleaning services in London. Book Now Get a Quote


Now that you know where to get an excellent carpet cleaning, it would make sense to give us a call. At Vip Carpet Cleaning, we’re all about carpet cleaning – the type that keeps you satisfied and happy. We’d love to hear from you soon..