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Persian Rug Cleaning London

When it comes to exquisite rugs, Persian rugs are one of the most prized possession. This is why cleaning is quite difficult if an accidental spill occurs every now and then. But should that bother you? Not at all, because we’ve got you covered.

We specialise in cleaning Persian rugs, oriental rugs, and every other rug type here at Vip Carpet Cleaning London.


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All Types of Persian Rugs Cleaning

Cleaning for all types of Persian rugs

These unique rugs are made from different materials like cotton, wool, silk, nylon etc. They also come in various fantastic shapes, fibre density, and style. Some are easy to clean (if you need to do it yourself), while others need professional cleaning. But we clean all types of Persian rugs at Vip Carpet Cleaning London.

Not only do Persian rugs look appealing, but they also add a touch of class to your property!

But here’s the thing. Dirty paws from pets, muddy shoes and dusty feet, food particles, urine and other mess will naturally appear on rugs. Regular vacuuming may not do much to loosen up the debris on your rug. So, you need professional carpet cleaning.

The good news is that whether you’ve got an antique rug, a modern-day viscose carpet, or a synthetic piece that needs a thorough top-down cleaning, we have the solution you need.

Is it safe to clean a Persian rug yourself?

With tons of information online about how to clean your Persian rug, you may have been doing the cleaning yourself. Using the right cleaning techniques, you can keep your rug in good condition over a long time. However, it is a lot safer to get a professional to do the cleaning rather than doing it yourself.

Rugs differ from one another. Every Persian rug is unique and treated as such. We give special attention and care to each piece to ensure they look beautiful and breathable.

Our professionals will vacuum your Persian rug to remove every ounce of dust and dirt. This keeps the fibres standing and free.

Persian Rug Steam Clean – Vip Carpet Cleaning

Is it safe for you to steam clean a Persian rug?

This comes down to the type of material used in manufacturing the rug. Persian rugs made from natural materials need extra care. Should you steam clean a thick wool carpet all over, the result may not be good enough.

Applying excess moisture can make natural fibres shrink or stretch, so the risk of damaging your carpet is high.

Apart from DIY steam cleaning, there are many other things you may be doing to keep your rug clean that are hurting them.

This leaves you with the option of hiring an expert carpet cleaner to get the best care for your Persian rug.

Persian Carpet Cleaning with 100% satisfaction in london

Do you know that for longevity, Persian rugs need a deep clean every 3 to 5 years? It’s common for very old Persian rugs to develop an unpleasant mouldy smell. Rugs made of wool are susceptible to developing a stale smell since they retain moisture.

For a thorough carpet cleaning, we employ a result-oriented process. And at no point in the cleaning will there be any shrinkage, fading or damage to your carpet.


Here’s how professionals like us clean Persian rugs:

  • We begin by beating most of the dirt held in the rug with our rug master machine.
  • The rug will be examined to know what material it is made of. This determines the type of special stain remover we will apply for the treatment of stain.
  • Still considering your rug material, we can apply a perc solvent to dry-clean it or take the rug to clean and rinse in our wash pond.
  • Using our high-end modern centrifuge, the rug will be spun to take out moisture.
  • Next is to air-dry the rug so that any leftover moisture will be removed. Please note that very sensitive rugs are not spun; we only air dry them.
  • Lastly, the rug is inspected to be sure every inch has been perfectly cleaned. Extra measures are taken to get rid of whatever may be left on the rug. After that, it is ready for pickup.


Feel free to contact Vip Carpet Cleaning London now for your commercial and domestic Persian rug cleaning in London. Book Now Get a Quote

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